The Feminine Touch: The Story Behind the Names of Black & Ginger Wines

The Feminine Touch: The Story Behind the Names of Black & Ginger Wines

Do you know why Black & Ginger Wines wines have feminine names?

Hadyn and Darcy have a touching reason for choosing to use feminine names for their wines. Both Darcy and Hadyn have been profoundly influenced by the women in their lives, including their sisters, mothers, and in Hadyn's case, his wife, Lucy. This deep love and respect for these women are the driving forces behind their decision.

Hadyn and his mum Lily at Hadyn's 30th Birthday

The boys wanted to honour the women who have played such significant roles in shaping their lives. Each wine is named after a woman, reflecting a story, a style, a myth, or a quality that embodies the essence of that wine. From the seductive Lorelei Gewürztraminer to the super sexy L'Amante Nebbiolo, 'the Lover' in Italian. The vibrant and fruity Lily's Block Shiraz is produced with certified organic fruit from their sister vineyard, Hounds Run. The wine, is named in honour of Hadyn's mum, Lily, who sadly passed away before she was able to try the wine she helped prune and pick. Each name carries with it a tribute to the strength, beauty, and character of the women who have left an indelible mark on their lives.

Above: Hadyn with his mum Lily at his 30th Birthday in 2014
Below: Darcy with his mum Ginger and sister Kelly whilst on an trip to Argentina together in 2022
Darcy with his mum Ginger and sister Kelly

 By naming their wines after these important women, Black & Ginger not only pays homage to their loved ones but also invites their customers to share in the celebration of these remarkable women. It is a testament to the deep love and respect that Darcy and Hadyn have for the women who have shaped them, and a reflection of the values and qualities that they hold dear.

Below: Hadyn with his sister Eddie (centre) and wife Lucy on their wedding day in December 2022
Hadyn Black with his wife Lucy and sister Eddie


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